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21 Apr 2014

About GD´s insta…

I believe the reason why VIPs changed is that new, young people came to our fandom. When you´re 15 or so you sometimes don´t get things right. Very young people are little confused by such a strong feeling love is (even if it´s “just” about being in love with celebrity). They then do things (as invading GD´s privacy) we don´t understand because we already can manage our hearts.

So everyone, who has urge to own GD, please stand up now and go to the nearest mirror. Stand in front of it, look at yourself and say aloud:

"I´m GD´s fan, not Kwon JiYong´s friend." 


If you need to, repeat it whenever you have the urge to become a possessive little you-know-the-b-word.

And remember, if you want to show your love and respect to GD, be an appropriate fan. Give GD healthy love and let Kwon JiYong live his life. We all love GD, not Kwon JiYong. Because we don´t know Kwon JiYong. And he wants it that way. Maybe it´s hard for you and your heart hurts, but respect it. To respect others is the best way how to show you love and care.

Believe me, GD knows we are worried about him, he knows we are upset, he also knows we would be happy to see a new photo from him every day ect. No need to spam his instagram/twitter/ect. Don´t forget he also once was (still is) someone´s fan. He knows our feelings very well. 

Be the reason of his smile, not the reason of his anxiety and getaway.

5 Apr 2014

If Jesus came back, promoted his comeback single, and won a music show, there would still be comments like...

  • 1: [+4,810, -689] "He wouldn't have won if Buddha was promoting..."
  • 2: [+4,281, -253] "The power of HVN Entertainment, must be nice being the son of the CEO."
  • 3: [+3,456, -273] "I'm glad he's gone solo, but I miss the Super Apostle days! OT13 FOREVER!!!"
  • 4: [+3,090, -644] "The song's good, they just need to fix this crucifixion concept, has too much skin exposure!"
  • 5: [+768, -65] "The power of his fandom, I'll never forget when Christians turned off their cross lightsticks during Judas' Dream Concert performance ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ black ocean ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ"
  • 6: [+836, -149] "When will we finally get a full album?! What is HVN CEO thinking?!"
  • 7: [+694, -34] "JESUS OPPA FIGHTING!!!"

30 Mar 2014


Because sometimes everything you need to have a nice bright day is a smile like this one. Onew has the most beautiful smile ever! :3

30 Mar 2014

Really like both Exo Showtime Eating Time and Exo First Box Food Box. 

23 Mar 2014

11 Mar 2014


9 Mar 2014

After the success of 50 shades of grey people like to say handsome young millionares who are into bdsm don´t exist. Then maybe someone should tell Seungri he actually doesn´t exist…

8 Mar 2014


17 Feb 2014

Please reblog this if you are a fan of kpop and proud to be one.


I want to see about how many kpop fans there are on tumblr.

8 Feb 2014


My Dearest Homie

It’s cold… no, WARM

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Based on the costumes or the hair-styles:
GDYB in childhood